Taking The Leap To Be Full-time Real Estate Investors, with Brian O’Neill and Mike Makredes

Taking The Leap To Be Full-time Real Estate Investors, with Brian O’Neill and Mike Makredes

Episode 302:

Brian O’Neill's Bio


Brian O’Neill is a real estate investor and business owner. He and his wife, Katie, have been happily married for ten years and enjoy spending time with their son, Will.


BKW Property Solutions was started to provide flexible real estate solutions for both buyers and sellers. They serve the Greater Chicagoland area and help buyers realize their dream of owning a home. When Brian and Katie experienced many of the common challenges of selling their own home many years ago, they knew there had to be a better way.


That is the foundation of BKW Property Solutions, and we look forward to serving your needs. There is a better way!


Mike Makredes's Bio


Mike Makredes is from Fresno, California. He has been in sales all his professional life, and currently working in the Ag industry for the largest melon, broccoli, and corn grower in the US. He handles sales for over 12 million cases ($150 million) of produce per year. What brought him to Chris and the Smart Real Estate Coach team was the thought of getting out of the rat race and into a business that he can control on his terms.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Mike’s family life has changed since switching from a corporate job to working as a full-time real estate investor.
  • Ways Brian’s family life has changed since working full time as a real estate investor and business owner a year ago.
  • Brian explains the two key ingredients real estate investors who still have W-2 jobs need to do in order to create the path that allows you to live the life you want.
  • The obstacle Mike had to overcome in order to embrace his path as a real estate investor.
  • How Mike and Brian were able to learn the real estate industry fairly quickly and how the Wicked Smart Community was pivotal in learning how to be the experts they are today.
  • How Mike and Brian would compare starting a real estate business to other conventional businesses.
  • Brian and Mike explain how there is no ceiling when it comes to having a real estate business compared to having a full-time job.


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