Getting Started as a Real Estate Entrepreneur, with Brian O’Neill

Getting Started as a Real Estate Entrepreneur, with Brian O’Neill

Episode 232:

Brian was born in New York and moved to Florida at age five and spent most of his life there. He attended Florida State University, and then at the age of thirty he moved to Chicago. Brian has been there for seventeen years now and has a wonderful wife, Katie, who he's been married to for ten years. They have a nine year old son named Will. They love spending time together and taking family vacations, just the three of them.

In his spare time Brian likes to play golf, read and play sports with his son.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Brian got started with the Wicked Smart community just over a year ago, and what significant changes have happened over that year
  • Why the decision to commit and take action were key ingredients in Brian's success as a real estate investor
  • Why Brian had to work hard to conquer his fears and take the plunge, and why many of the things he had believed were holding him back were just excuses
  • Why Brian attributes much of his success to patiently taking consistent action on the small things every day
  • How having access to an entire community and powerful resources and support helped Brian get started investing
  • Why success is a choice, and why Brian believes you have the power to make the decision to get started on your road to success
  • Why Brian found the lack of “get rich quick” in the Wicked Smart community to be an appealing feature
  • What advice Brian would offer to anyone who is on the fence and uncertain how to get started as a real estate investor
  • How Brian has been able to get sixteen properties under contract in just the twelve months he's been a part of the community
  • Why the upcoming Wicked Smart Kick Start on January 9, 2021 is the ideal time to become a part of the community, and how to get registered for the event for just $99


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