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Join us in Boston on September 23 + 24, 2024 for QLS Live!

This is a conference dedicated specifically to helping you reach new heights in real estate investing — whether you're a rookie or a seasoned investor, there's something for everyone.
Smart Real Estate Coach, led by our family team, is a Wicked Smart® Community of Associates all across North America that empowers individuals and families to live the life of their dreams. If you’re serious and committed to actually completing transactions, then Smart Real Estate Coach is designed specifically for you!


Hands-On Coaching

Our Associates know the value of our expertise because they're constantly seeing it in action. Not only do we coach these new investors, we partner on deals to bring the most value we can to the table.

Constantly Improving

You'll never find us falling into a state of complacency, content in making a product and then letting it sit to collect dust. While our values and methods remain the same, we're always improving the quality of our content.

Supportive Community

Being a part of the Wicked Smart® Community doesn't just mean you have access to us, but a nationwide network of like-minded Associates who've been where you've been and are willing, contributing assets.

Growing Rapidly

In 2021, we were named to Inc. 5000's prestigious list of the nation's most successful private companies. This is a hallmark of entrepreneurial success and the place where future household names first make their mark.

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We’ll be covering the following topics and pitfalls:

  • What does it mean to buy real estate “on TERMS”?
  • How to create 3 Paydays® for every deal you do vs. getting paid once to wholesale or rehab
  • How to buy properties with none of your own cash or credit at risk
  • Turn your present properties into cash
  • Where to find homeowners who want to sell on TERMS?
  • How to become a “Transaction Engineer” able to structure any type of deal that comes your way
  • Where to get all the tools necessary to build a TERMS business
  • How you can work with our family team IN THE TRENCHES doing deals
  • How to make your business and deals “Recession Resistant”
  • Navigating the laws and regulations of this specific niche
  • STOP spending money on so-called “automated systems” that mentors tell you are the magic pill
  • How you can keep your cashflow and lose the hassle of tenants
  • Where and how to find the right buyers for your properties on TERMS
  • How to buy your own home on TERMS


Study at Wicked Smart® Academy

Our self-guided online video courses have everything you'll need to start buying and selling on terms, scale your business, and get your head screwed on right. With practical knowledge and insight on mindset, skillset, and systems, going through these courses will place you directly on the path to becoming a successful real estate investor.

Why join the Wicked Smart® Community?

We seek results and create deal-makers. With a community of students and Associates spread across North America, we think that instead of taking it from us, you should listen to them. These are real clients with real results.

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