From Full-Time Job, 12 Hour Days to Full-Time Investor, with Mike Makredes

From Full-Time Job, 12 Hour Days to Full-Time Investor, with Mike Makredes

Episode 103:

Mike Makredes is from Fresno, California. He has been in sales all his professional life, and currently working in the Ag industry for the largest melon, broccoli, and corn grower in the US. He handles sales for over 12 million cases ($150 million) of produce per year. What brought him to Chris and the Smart Real Estate Coach team was the thought of getting out of the rat race and into a business that he can control on his terms.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Being able to pivot – what it means and why it’s so important.
  • The one aspect of investing in real estate that took Mike by surprise.
  • Why juggling his schedule was such a challenge in the beginning for Mike and how that works for him now.
  • Do what works. The importance of emulating what works for others who are successful in the industry.
  • Scheduling things that need to get done instead of putting them on “to do” lists. Why it makes a difference and why Mike hand writes his schedule.
  • The many ways coaching others has helped Mike improve his own business.
  • How scheduling for himself as a business owner is different from doing his “10-hour block” at work when he was working for someone else.
  • Why Mike believes it is important to love what you do and why you need to act to change things if you don’t.
  • How life is different for Mike now that he is in business for himself instead of working for others.
  • Mindset. What it means and why it is so important to “make a move.”