Constant Learning

Constant Learning

Constant Learning

Constant Learning

As an entrepreneur, professional, and individual, opening yourself up to constant learning is one of the best things you can do for yourself. No matter how much you believe yourself to be an expert in something, you can always learn something new. Open yourself up to learning about new things. Explore gaps in your expertise and look to grow in those areas. 

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Where Can You Embrace Constant Learning?

So, you are up for learning more every day, but you don’t know where to look. Constant learning can be found through so many different avenues. You can learn through conversations, experiences, books, podcasts, events, TED Talks, YouTube videos, and just about everything. Below are some ways we recommend you explore for constant learning. 

Learning Through Books

Books are some of the most significant ways to continue developing yourself and your knowledge. We recommend always keeping a book with you to read in waiting rooms, the train, or even before bed. Try to at least get a minimum of ten minutes of reading in every day so you can go to sleep learning something new. 

If you are not a huge reader, try audiobooks instead. They still have all of the vital information but are much easier to absorb on the go. With audiobooks, you can listen to them in the car on your commute, while you’re working out, and even when you get ready in the morning. As a bit of a hack to get even more books read, we recommend bumping up the audio speed just a little bit. 

Learning Through Podcasts

Similar to audiobooks, podcasts are great to listen to on the go. What’s great about podcasts as opposed to audiobooks is their length. You can listen to two or three podcasts easily in a day and learn about a wide array of topics. Not only can you find podcasts related to real estate, but also ones based around personal development, investing, mindfulness, mental health, and just about anything you can think of. If you are someone who absorbs information better when it’s broken down into smaller, bite-size pieces, podcasts may be the way to go for constant learning. 

Learning Through Events

Events are a great way to learn more about the topics that interest you. Not only do we host events, but we also regularly attend them as well. We recommend picking one event to participate in every quarter to hone in on a specific skill. This skill could be related to personal development, sales, real estate, or anything you want to learn about. It should be something you feel you need additional training on that you can’t get from books or other mediums. When you are at an event, it gives you the chance to disconnect from everything else and focus on yourself and what you want to learn. Events also allow you to meet like-minded people and gain valuable connections. 

Learning From Conversations

Lastly, don’t underestimate the benefits of a good conversation. Everyone is an expert in something, and having good, open discussions can help you learn about a wealth of different topics. Don’t be afraid to ask others for suggestions on their favorite books, podcasts, videos, etc. You may learn a lot from the resources that others found valuable. If you know someone with a lot of knowledge about something you’re interested in, ask them if they would be open to talking over coffee or lunch. Most people are happy to talk about the things that they are passionate about. It could even lead to a new partnership or opportunity. 

Seek Out Opportunities

If you take anything away from this, it’s that you should always be seeking out opportunities for constant learning and personal growth. You never want to stay stagnant or fall under the belief that you already know enough. If you are interested in learning more about what we have to share, make sure to check us out at