Why Hire a Real Estate Coach?

Why Hire a Real Estate Coach

Why Hire a Real Estate Coach?

Why Hire a Real Estate Coach

Becoming a successful, superstar real estate investor takes time. Those who have gone at it on their own have lost countless amounts of time and money to a series of trial and error. Many of them eventually became successful, but they also lost money and opportunities along the way. So, why hire a real estate coach? 

It can take many years for an investor to gain and master the skills necessary to make their business successful, stable, and profitable. Many people struggle to reach their lofty goals, end up losing motivation, and ultimately give up. 

When you engage a real estate coach, you get the benefit of their experience applied to your business from the get-go. Even if you’re a veteran investor, our systems help you step up your strategy to make more money and get on the fast track to long-term wealth. 

Ask yourself, are you ready and willing to take on the challenge of having someone take a deep dive into your mindset and business strategy? Are you ready to grow by taking on suggestions so you can make more money? If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place.  

Our coaching programs are designed for real estate investors at all levels. We aren’t just another education program, but a hands-on team that guides you step-by-step through the process of finding leads, converting leads to sales, and building a 6-7 figure business. 


Why hire a real estate coach when you can do it on your own? 


Can you really do it on your own? Our Associates are doing deals every month that are setting them up for paydays worth $45,000 to $75,000. 

There may be times when you feel uncomfortable with your real estate coach pushing you and challenging you. We get that, but we aren’t here to make you feel comfortable, we are here to make you the best investor that you can be so that you can change your family’s financial future. 

We don’t just focus on the practical ins and outs of your real estate business but help you change your mindset and stay accountable. When you look in the mirror each morning, you will know that you’re keeping the commitments you made to yourself and your family. 

We are all about metrics and know how to keep you on track. One of our Certified Coaches will help you wake up every day feeling motivated to do more deals, even when the going gets rough. Our experience, knowledge, and expertise will help you navigate every challenge along the way. 


What kind of coaching is right for you? 


At Smart Real Estate Coach, we know that not everyone is ready for each level of coaching. 

Because of this, we have developed targeted programs that match you effort-for-effort. Why hire a real estate coach if you’re not ready to fully commit to the time and energy required to build your business? 

Book a Strategy Call with one of our team members to figure out which of our systems will be the most beneficial for you. 


  1. 90 Day Jump Start


We have a lot of participants of our Quantum Leap System who are ready to build their businesses but aren’t sure that our Associate programs are the right fit for them.  

The 90 Day Jump Start gives you everything you need to do 5-6 figure deals on your terms.


  1. Starter Associate


Our Starter Associates are ready to get their business off the ground. We assist you in buying and selling properties with little ($10-$100) to no cash investment.

We take you through each deal step-by-step on weekly coaching calls and help you build your sales skills to improve your lead conversion. 

You’ll have full access to the Wicked Smart Academy, a self-guided online school of video courses that includes every program that SREC has produced plus recordings of all our live events!


  1. Immersion Associate


Associates that come in at this level are ready to be put on the fast-track to scaling their business. On top of better profit splits, you’ll get:

  • A fly-to-you area visit by our team
  • 2-day Newport, RI office visit (including flight and hotel)
  • A free business website (valued at $7,000)
  • Immersion only monthly Video Mastermind
  • Annual Newport, RI Mastermind


  1. High 6 Associate


Our top-tier Associates are called High 6 Associates because they are ready, willing, and able to build 6-7 figure businesses today. They get everything our other associates receive PLUS:

  • Coaching & consulting by Chris and the Family Team
  • Coaches training & profit sharing
  • The potential to build another 6-figure+ business aside from your deals through Certified Coaching
  • Website Security & Maintenance Package (valued at $2,988 annually)
  • Private Slack channel
  • High 6 only monthly Video Mastermind


Coaching puts you on the highway to reach your goals


Mindset is everything. Why hire a real estate coach you ask? To ensure you actually reach your goals. Ultimately, we save you time and money. 

Your education and commitment need to be stackable, meaning that you can build off of what you have already learned with each new level of investment.When you become an Associate, you join our Wicked Smart Community. We match you effort-for-effort to help you build the business of your dreams. Apply for an Associate program now!