What Does a Real Estate Coach Do?

What Does a Real Estate Coach Do

What Does a Real Estate Coach Do?

What Does a Real Estate Coach Do

You may wonder ‘what does a real estate coach do?’ Before you even get to that point it is important to determine what aspect of real estate you are speaking about. It’s a common misconception that to get into real estate, you need to become a real estate agent – that’s just not true. There is a big difference between a real estate agent or REALTOR® and an investor.

A real estate license gives someone a solid understanding of how real estate transactions take place, real estate terminology, and the license to work as a real estate agent. However, it doesn’t teach them how to build a real estate business. It’s missing that practical, strategic application. 


A real estate investor is not a real estate agent or realtor. 


As real estate investors, we are acting as a principal and buying and selling properties to turn a profit. When we buy a home, we then turn around and find someone else to buy it off us. These usually are not traditional buyers, but people who are looking to enter a rent-to-own arrangement.  

We don’t use our own credit and we don’t use our own cash, you can buy on terms that don’t require that level of personal commitment, and we can teach you how. 

Our Associates start making money by structuring deals in a way that they don’t have to use any of their own assets or credit. In fact, we can teach our associates how to start this kind of business with as little as $100 invested. 

The terms business is growing by leaps and bounds because the traditional finance system is failing buyers by making it increasingly difficult for them to get a loan. We are solving that problem. So you want to know what does a real estate coach do? We teach you how to build and run businesses just like ours. 


What does a Real Estate Coach do for you? 


Real estate coaching is more than just another education program. We aren’t here to discuss basic real estate terms, and we certainly aren’t here to show you how to become a real estate agent. A real estate coach is going to guide you through the process of creating your own real estate investing business. 

Is this a get-rich-quick scheme? No.

We show you a different way of becoming a real estate investor. Step-by-step, our Associates learn to find and convert leads, do deals, and set up a successful real estate investing business.

We tell the good, the bad, and the ugly about real estate investing by providing real-world experiences and guidance. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, but it is a get-rich plan.

Our team works with investors on every level to teach them how they can start earning paydays that set them up for long-term wealth. We have data-proved systems, strategies, and tools that when followed, make building a successful business a straightforward process. 

When you engage a real estate coach to guide you every step of the way, return on investment makes every penny that you spend worth it. Over time, we help you create deals that will earn on average between $45,000 and $75,000 paydays. This is a phenomenal return that you won’t see anywhere else.  


What sets us apart? 


You’re probably thinking, what does a real estate coach do for you that you can not do on your own? 

There are countless real estate education systems on the market that provide tons of information, but they don’t deliver results. 

Starting with our 90 Day Jump Start program, you can affordably start working with our team to begin building your 6-7 figure business. We have had many associates even get their first deal done during their first 30, 50 or 90 days of this program. With group coaching calls, resources, and systems, you will have all the tools you need to successfully learn how to be a real estate investor. 

Coaching isn’t just about the strategy and education toolbox. Motivation is a huge element in any kind of business and accountability with us can help keep your motivation levels high and push you through challenges. 


For those that are looking to dive all into real estate investing, we have three levels of our Associate Programs: 


  1. Starter Level Associate.

    This program is for beginner investors who are confident that real estate investment is the best path for them. These Associates get everything they need to create the life of their dreams from a weekly coaching call to Mastermind Calls to self-guided tools including QLS, the Seller Specialist Program, Deal Structure Overtime, and The 31-Day Billionaire.

    We help you reach your goals by walking you through each step of a deal and coaching you on how to improve your sales technique with scripts and feedback. 


  1. Immersion Associate


Immersion Associates get all the benefits of our Starter Level Associates with an additional degree of personalized education. One of our Certified Coaches will travel to your area to provide in-person coaching on your market. We will not allow you to leave money on the table.

The Immersion Associate program isn’t just a fast track to getting a deal done, but the fast track to building a successful business. 


  1. High 6 Associate


If you’re done working the 9-5, perhaps you’re a high-energy salesperson or entrepreneur, then the High 6 Associate program may be the best fit for you.

This system gives you all the tools to not only become a high-income earning real estate investor but to also become a Certified Coach yourself and profit sharing opportunities. It’s our most comprehensive program for our most motivated Associates.

Review the full Associate Comparison Chart here for a full breakdown of Associate benefits. 

We highly encourage you to book a Strategy Call with a member of our team so you can ask any questions and get a better understanding of what our programs entail and some guidance on which is the right program for you. If you’re interested in answering similar questions to ‘what does a real estate coach do?’ consider reading our other blog posts.