Faith, Perseverance and Starting Over, with Waikiki Paulino

Faith, Perseverance and Starting Over, with Waikiki Paulino

Episode 181:

Waikiki Paulino began his professional involvement in real estate within the construction field working with investors, union, and non-union construction managers in 1998. He graduated from New York City Technical College with a degree in Structural Engineering and Architectural Studies. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Pratt Institute and furthered his education by attending real estate masters courses at New York University in addition to various independent real estate training courses.

Mr. Paulino worked for several New York City based CM firms such as F.J. Sciame
Construction Co., Sordoni Construction, and Tishman Construction / AECOM where he managed select high-profile projects as a Senior Manager in various markets. His extensive experience in multi-family and office high rise development, hotel and hospitality new construction, education, and museum new builds and restoration facilitates deal negotiations. Previous clients include Hines Development, Sterling Equities, Starwood Capital, Tribeca Associates, Ian Schrager Company, Assa Properties, Google, Jack Reznick & Sons, Toll Brothers City Living, MRA, New York Public Library, The New York Botanical Garden and the Jewish Theological Seminary. Many of his planned goals and milestones were realized while attending school and working – both – on a full-time basis.

Mr. Paulino’s analytical background in engineering combined with his tolerance for high stress, high profile management at a fast pace has proven to be a solid foundation for opportunity evaluation, investment control, and management. He developed an increasing desire to see families and individuals, restored to full personal and financial health at an early age, while maturing in the poverty-stricken streets of Brooklyn where he was raised.

Mr. Paulino is committed to and motivated by helping to solidify an individual’s purpose for wealth building, community enhancement, generational improvement, and legacy perpetuation.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Waikiki got involved in real estate by way of his father's construction business, and how he got into carpentry and then architecture
  • How Waikiki and his team work primarily with private families and individual investors, and how they help maximize the value of their properties
  • How the global pandemic has impacted Waikiki's work, what trends he identified prior to the outbreak, and what has changed since the pandemic
  • Why people working in the construction and architecture space must be creative to solve new challenges brought about by the pandemic
  • How the 2008 market crash caused Waikiki to move into real estate development, and what criteria he looks for inland deals today
  • How Waikiki and his team are navigating the challenges of the pandemic and necessary social distancing measures
  • Why people who have survived defeats and setbacks and then bounced back are the best ones to learn from, and how the 2008 crash impacted Waikiki's business
  • Why reading the Bible and exploring his faith changed Waikiki's life and created new opportunities for himself and others, and how he helps families create legacies
  • Waikiki shares details from some of his big wins in both commercial real estate and inland development
  • Why Waikiki recommends you focus on the people around you, including your team as well as coaches or mentors


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