Gulf War Vet Hits in right between the eyes

Gulf War Vet Hits in right between the eyes

Episode 67:

Tyler Sheff is a US Army Gulf War Era Veteran and originally earned his Florida real estate license back in 2000. He concurrently owned and operated a trucking business, worked as a local Police Officer, Charter Captain and Chief Boatswain aboard a US government research ship, and in 2014 he decided to renew his real estate license in order to supplement his income while helping others learn about real estate investing.

Tyler is the founder of and host of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast which is rapidly rising in the ranks to be one of the fasting growing shows in the iTunes business category. Tyler gains great enjoyment out of helping busy professionals achieve their wealth building goals by showing them how to invest in real estate passively and consistently far outperform the stock market in returns.

An avid sportsman, Tyler spends his free time fishing, hunting and scuba diving and really gets a kick out of helping others realize their dreams and feeling better about themselves.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Tyler Sheff began investing in flipping houses and “wholetailing”
  • How Tyler's business is structured into two teams: multi-family and loan notes
  • Tyler's advice and recommendations for new investors getting started in real estate
  • Tyler’s greatest career failure and the lessons he learned from the situation
  • Why training and mentors are crucial to understand and navigate the real estate investing business
  • How listening to Tyler's mentor helped him achieve the greatest success he's found in his career
  • Which three things Tyler does every day to focus himself and put himself into a successful and productive mindset
  • Which challenges Tyler plans to tackle going forward in the future
  • What business-related and personal growth books Tyler recommends you read, and which business mentor Tyler has found the most success with
  • What strategies Tyler recommends to master the critical skills of listening and speaking