House Flipping Business and Lessons in Tenacity, with Tyler Jensen

House Flipping Business and Lessons in Tenacity, with Tyler Jensen

Episode 236:

Tyler Jensen is an avid Real Estate Investor, International House Flipper, Philanthropist, Coach, Husband, and Father to three amazing boys. He has been flipping houses for more than 10 years. He started flipping houses in college and has never looked back.

He loves real estate and gets satisfaction from taking an old dumpy crack house and turning it into something truly amazing that a family will be able to create memories in, as their new home. Tyler has built a great business and has one of the best flipping companies in the country. His systems and processes for flipping houses has been raising the bar for other investors. He loves coaching and helping others pursue their dreams and passions in real estate.

Tyler has also coordinated several charity projects both locally and internationally. From donating a rehab to a local single mom for Christmas to building houses in the Dominican Republic. He is truly a “Go-Giver” and has a love for using his skill to bless the lives of others. He loves giving back and loves pushing the envelope on rehabbing houses.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Tyler got started in real estate during his freshman year of college in 2008, and how he fixed and flipped his first house solo while going to college full time
  • Why Tyler made the decision to quit his corporate job and go into full-time real estate investing
  • Why working with mentors has been a crucial part of Tyler's success, and what advice he has for anyone who is considering finding a mentor
  • How Tyler has built out an extensive team to handle most of the work in his flipping business, so that he has the freedom to spend more time with his family
  • What rituals and activities Tyler follows every week to help him get into a success mindset and make the most of his time
  • What big wins and setbacks Tyler has experienced in real estate, and what key lessons he learned from losing big on his first deal
  • Why Tyler believes the difference between people who are successful and people who aren't is that successful people take action
  • How Tyler and his team were named “best house-flipping company” by cable network HGTV, and how Tyler successfully developed his “7 Day Flip” system even during the pandemic
  • How Tyler and his team have found success in the flipping niche despite the chaos of the global pandemic, and what they do differently from their competitors
  • What steps Tyler is taking to maintain his momentum going into 2021, and why the one thing he would do differently in his career is believe in himself more


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