Using Investing to Help Others into Home Ownership, with Scott Bower

Using Investing to Help Others into Home Ownership, with Scott Bower

Episode 186:

Scott Bower is a transplant from the state of Iowa who caught the entrepreneurial bug at the early age of 17 when he started his first company, a vehicle detailing company. He went on to study at the University of Iowa with degrees in Business Communication and Entrepreneurial Management, while also studying health and nutrition. With his entrepreneurial spirit and his degrees in hand, he moved to Arizona to begin a dominating career in his real estate that continues to thrive.

Starting his real estate career as an agent in residential retail sales at Keller Williams Realty, he closed $2.2MM in volume his first 12 months but quickly realized being an agent was not for him. Since then, Scott has become a successful real estate investor, completing over 300 transactions with over $40,000,000 in closed volume to date while also building a portfolio of rental properties and apartment syndications.

He is also the host of the INVESTTHIS Podcast, an interview-based podcast providing maximum value for his listeners on how to capitalize on the best investments and business practices. Scott is an avid learner and self-educator always looking to up his game and now moving into more substantial investment opportunities in creative finance, multifamily, and commercial real estate. He focuses on building strong relationships with his investors, capital preservation with strong returns, creating passive income streams, and building wealth for his family.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Scott chose a career in real estate due to society's forever need for real estate and for housing
  • Why Scott focuses on single-family wholesaling and fix-and-flip using terms to form creative deals
  • How the global pandemic has (and has not) affected Scott's business, and how his expectations were defied when the economy didn't collapse
  • Why Scott views his deals as win-win scenarios for both his portfolio and for the buyers he helps to achieve home ownership
  • Why the term “investor” too often has a negative connotation, and why Scott enjoys showing others that investors can serve and help others as well
  • Why Scott believes there are more deals out there than you can possibly handle, and why having the right mindset will set you free
  • Why finding a good coach is more than worth the cost and is practically a requirement to help you avoid mistakes and costly problems
  • What daily activities and practices Scott follows to be his very best, including a morning ritual he has spent time perfecting
  • Why pushing yourself harder is a valuable habit to develop, both in the gym and in other aspects of your life
  • Why it is important to break out of your comfort zone, continue to learn and grow, and “get comfortable being uncomfortable”


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