Learning From Failure, with Robert White

Learning From Failure, with Robert White

Episode 378:

Robert White pioneered personal transformational growth in the U.S.A and Asia with over one million graduates from companies he founded and led. Today he is a speaker, leadership trainer, business consultant and executive mentor.


He has “been there and done that” with incredible entrepreneurial accomplishment and one notable failure. Robert has totaled 23 years of his working life in Asia.


He retired at 46 to a 14,500 sf home in Aspen with the love of his life. Then lost it all — business failure and divorce — with lots of learning from those experiences.


Now he is a Mentor to executives committed to living extraordinary lives. Robert partners with entrepreneurs who want support in integrating profit with personal joy and satisfaction.


He has spoken before audiences of 15 – 8500 from New York to Las Vegas to Beijing. Robert authored the best-seller “Living an Extraordinary Life” available in English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.


What you will learn in this episode:


  • What key takeaways you can get from Robert’s latest book
  • How to get through the things that are stopping you from achieving your goals
  • How the past, present, and future are roadblocks that we must address before we can live to our fullest potential
  • Why your purpose in life is much more important than the vision you create for yourself
  • What Robert learned from his biggest failures in life and in his career and how he used them to guide his successes




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