Small Business Systems and Processes, with Paul Maskill

Small Business Systems and Processes, with Paul Maskill

Episode 305:

Paul Maskill is the Founder of The Ultimate Freedom Mastermind. After building his own business from $0 to $500k in 4 years and selling it for a lucrative return, Paul set out on a new mission. He watched his father pour everything he had into his own service-based business for 40+ years until he could physically no longer do the work. With no employees and no systems, Paul's father was not able to capitalize on all of the work and risk he put in for 4 decades. The “sale” of the company was simply selling off the truck and equipment. Today, Paul helps other small business owners automate their business so it can thrive without them… enabling them to leverage their business to build a life that they love.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Paul was pushed to work in a corporate job growing up, and how he became a business owner who helps other business owners
  • Paul discusses his Ultimate Freedom Mastermind group and shares what powerful information the group shares
  • How Paul started his coaching and mentoring by working with any small business owner before niching down to working with the home service industry
  • Why Paul set aside his e-commerce business to focus primarily on his Ultimate Freedom Mastermind
  • Why implementing the right small business systems and processes is crucial for creating repeatable success
  • What steps Paul recommends you take to begin implementing strategic systems and processes, and why screen recording software is a powerful tool
  • Why seeing your business as a “customer service business” by surprising and delighting people, regardless of what you're selling, is the key to exponential growth
  • What big, exciting plans Paul has for his mastermind group, for his own investments, and for his coaching and consulting




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