From Nigeria to Baltimore with Success-4 years

From Nigeria to Baltimore with Success-4 years

Episode 58:

Ola Dantis, an entrepreneur at heart, brings his experience in owning and managing cash flowing multifamily property in his personal real estate portfolio to larger multifamily investing. This foundational experience derived from the strategic acquisition, renovation, and repositioning has been instrumental in the apartment syndication space, resulting in a competitive edge in value add and equity creation. In addition, Ola draws from his leadership and analytic skills as a Sr Business Analyst for a fortune 10 company.

Ola is an alumnus of the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom graduating with bachelors' and masters' degrees. Ola is also an active member of the Urban Land Institute [ULI].

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • Why you don’t have to be a real estate expert to make money in real estate
  • What “House Hacking” means and how you can do it, too
  • How to live virtually expense free while developing your wealth and building your real estate empire
  • Ola’s epiphany where he realized that he was just paying someone else’s cash flow when he was paying rent
  • The power of scaling up as you go to build income for the future
  • Why it’s so important to create assets that pay for possessions rather than simply buying new things – even once the money begins rolling in
  • How to arrange creative funding by flipping smaller properties to buy into multifamily properties
  • The way investors like to follow success and as soon as you have one successful investment partnership, other investors suddenly become eager to partner with you
  • The importance of finding your own niche and finding a mentor within that niche
  • Why Ola believes having a structured process is necessary for successful real estate investing – and creating more predictable outcomes – whether you’re flipping houses, purchasing multi-family units, or whatever it is that you do
  • Why Ola feels continuous growth is essential when investing
  • What Ola does every single morning that he feels is essential to his success
  • The book that currently keeps Ola motivated and the one book he thinks everyone considering real estate investing should read