Consistent Mindset Work, with Lindsay Rice

Consistent Mindset Work, with Lindsay Rice

Episode 348:

Lindsay Rice is a passionate entrepreneur who loves building businesses that allow her to live a life by design, without compromising her health. She is a managing partner of Rice Properties Group, a top real estate team in the country that services the D.C. Metropolitan area of Northern Virginia. She is also actively working to launch other ancillary real estate businesses; the first being a company that educates buyers and sellers on all their buying and selling options and then provides them with custom-tailored real estate solutions.


Her journey began in 2010 when she was introduced to real estate and Keller Williams. She saw the huge opportunity both could provide. Within a few short months, she quit her corporate IT sales job of 10 years, and began focusing on her real estate career (and her newborn daughter)! Although she enjoyed helping people find their dream homes, it wasn’t her ultimate passion. Building successful businesses is her passion, so in January 2016 she started the journey and co-founded Rice Properties Group. By implementing proven systems and models, they grew to be a top real estate team in the country.


While she was pursuing her aspiration of entrepreneurship, her health suffered. Many health issues lead her on a journey to create a balanced lifestyle. During this journey, she learned that health is the real wealth, and without it, it’s hard to live the life we are designed to live. Her life mission is to help others master the key life disciplines (spiritual, self, physical, time, money & growth), so that they can live an abundant life, and ultimately be inspired and motivated to help others. She loves being the connector of where people are and where they want to be in all aspects of their lives.


Her journey to health and wealth is ongoing and she invites you to join her along the way!


What you will learn in this episode:

  • How the Wicked Smart Community helped Lindsay, despite her already having a real estate background
  • Why Lindsay spent two years working on mindset, and how it impacted her business
  • How consistent, daily rituals help build your mindset and lead to success in all areas
  • How the Wicked Smart Community provides access and exposure to mentors and industry leaders
  • What are the unique benefits that brokers and entrepreneurs gain from the community




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