An Inside Look at the Wicked Smart Community, with Lara Markel

An Inside Look at the Wicked Smart Community, with Lara Markel

Episode 206:

Lara Markel has been in the real estate field for 15+ years. Beginning her career as a residential REALTOR®, she specialized in helping first time buyers to achieve their dream of homeownership by using down payment assistance programs and creative financing. She won many awards, including Rookie of the Year and Top Producing Team. An opportunity led her to commercial real estate where she worked as a private capital multifamily sales specialist helping in the acquisition and dispositions of apartment buildings. She had success across diverse types of multifamily properties. Transactions ranged from 6-unit beach properties to large, 100+ unit affordable housing developments requiring complex deal structuring and financing. During that time, she worked for several top commercial real estate brokerages and was a cofounder and partner of a boutique multifamily sales brokerage company.

Going back to her roots in residential real estate, Lara now invests in single family homes using lease purchases and owner financing. She is passionate about solving problems and creating win-win situations for both Buyers and Sellers. By combining honesty and integrity with creativity, she seeks to structure transactions that provide sellers with the best possible outcome and works closely alongside buyers to give them the time and resources they need to qualify for financing.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Lara initially got started in real estate shortly after college, and how she discovered the significant profitability of multifamily deals
  • How Lara and her family relocated to Tennessee and Lara connected with the Smart Real Estate Coach team and Chris Prefontaine
  • Why Lara chose to go into single family despite her past experience in multifamily, and how she has found a new degree of success
  • How Lara is able to find constant support at all levels within the Wicked Smart Community and from Chris and his family team
  • What thought process Lara experienced prior to joining the Wicked Smart Community that helped her decide to jump in with both feet and commit
  • Why Lara has set the goal to do around twelve deals per year, and how she navigates work and family life
  • What steps Lara takes to find balance between her occupation and her home life, and how she explains what she does to her five year-old daughter
  • What advice Lara has for anyone who is feeling stuck, afraid, or looking to make a major life or career transition
  • Why Lara is committed to her real estate investing and doesn't see it as a get-rich-quick scheme, and why she believes the hard work is worthwhile


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