Seeing Opportunity in Financial Circumstances, with John Marshall

Seeing Opportunity in Financial Circumstances, with John Marshall

Episode 374:

After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Virginia Military Institute, John Marshall began a long career in the construction and development industry. Largely dealing in heavy-highway, utility and commercial construction and development, Mr. Marshall amassed experience in multiple facets of these business lines.


In 2003, JM Partners, LLC was founded. The company offers multiple financial services, mostly within the realm of distressed and opportunistic investments. JM Partners has served on both the debtor’s and creditor’s side of many transaction and professional engagements. Through JM Partners’ debt consultation service, Mr. Marshall has the opportunity to play a pivotal role in successful workouts- during which distressed companies, under the guidance of JM Partners, undergo extensive debt restructuring and re-emerge as healthy businesses. In addition to services focused on the consulting side of distressed businesses, JM Partners also purchases or invests in distressed entities and assets, and offers services related to the reclamation of Unclaimed Funds.


Outside the operations of JM Partners, LLC, Mr. Marshall serves in a fiduciary capacity for various trusts – actively managing administration and investments. He also manages several other entities that themselves are major investors in asset classes of various kinds. He is currently a member of the Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors, and serves on the board of certain businesses in which his firms have investments.


What you will learn in this episode:


  • How buying a few bankruptcy claims per year led John Marshall to where he is today
  • Why buying a portfolio from a bankrupt lender brought John and Chris together
  • Why it is crucial to communicate with your lenders, and how it can open up future opportunities
  • John’s advice around speculative investments and variable loans in this current market
  • How cash will help you come out on top in this unfolding market
  • Why you should always have some “dry powder” and be ready to pounce when assets have truly bottomed out



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