Paper boy to mega millionaire

Paper boy to mega millionaire

Episode 63:

From Paperboy to Mega Millionaire, Hector Padilla has purchased over $86,000,000 in real estate & is the president and founder of HP Capital Investments, Inc,. a Real Estate Acquisition & Investment Firm. They buy Apartments & Commercial Real Estate from $1M to $25M. Mr. Padilla & his family now live the dream Lifestyle. They have financial freedom & the time freedom to travel the world.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • How Hector entered the world of real estate and earned his immense success through dedication and risk-taking
  • The value of skilled mentors and why their wisdom is so critical to achieving your dream lifestyle
  • Overcoming your fears and investing in your own personal and professional development
  • The time-proven PIG methodology and the steps to take to avoid taxes in the real estate market
  • How to conquer the most common roadblocks to entering the world of real estate
  • Ways you can weather hard times, learn from your failures and setbacks, and turn those failures into successes
  • The five pillars crucial to finding exponential grown in both your business and your life, and why they are so important: self-esteem, self-confidence, having a business & life philosophy, taking massive skilled actions with adjustments, and having a time-proven mentor and a team to support you
  • Hector’s seven daily rituals he uses to develop and maintain a successful outlook in his own life and real estate business, and why you should have 5-7 daily rituals of your own
  • Hector’s words of guidance for first-time investors
  • How to reach out to Hector to join one of his private mentorship classes where he offers tools, knowledge, real-world case studies, and visits to actual projects so that you can see first-hand the processes he uses