Transforming Ideas and Expertise into Books and Credibility

Transforming Ideas and Expertise into Books and Credibility

Episode 10:

Harper Tucker is the Chair of Financial and Legal Innovation Practice and Vice-President of Authority Marketing – leading the author acquisition process for ForbesBooks and Advantage Media Group. During his career, Harper has worked with ForbesBooks by bringing top thought leaders in the financial and legal industries such as authors, speakers and brand authorities. Harper and his team have worked with over 150 financial and legal leaders to build their authority and personal brand, making him one of the world’s most accomplished experts in this space.

Harper brings extensive experience in sales and marketing to ForbesBooks. Before joining the ForbesBooks team, Harper worked for one of largest companies in the world as a sales manager, sales and marketing professional focused on improving the efficiencies of top businesses and completed a 2-year world renowned management trainee program. Over the past eight years, he has also served as a consultant for advisors in the financial industry.

Harper's role at ForbesBooks is to lead entrepreneurs, CEO's and finance and legal innovators to become the authority in their field and grow their business through authorship, marketing, and speaking. Harper teaches entrepreneurs, CEO's, and financial/legal innovators how to use their own book to grow their business and brand.

What you will learn:

  • To break through the obstacles in the way of writing and publishing your book
  • Proven strategies for designing, writing, and publishing books in any field
  • How to reverse engineer your book from audience to concept and finally writing
  • The social significance of becoming an author and have that helps your bottom line
  • Why being perceived as an expert is a powerful marketing tool
  • How authoring a book earns credibility almost immediately
  • Educating your target audience while consistently calling them to action
  • Why to consult with experts who can help create and execute the blueprint of your book
  • How to raise your credibility with your target audience and develop relationships

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