Full Time Real Estate Investing, with Greg and Cami Goucher

Full Time Real Estate Investing, with Greg and Cami Goucher

Episode 294:

Greg and Cami Goucher are happily married with a blended family of five kids. They live in Northeastern Ohio and love to travel. They understand the challenges and complexities of life, including divorce, job loss, legal battles, not to mention buying and selling a home. If you’re looking for a solution to your real estate issues, their team is here to help you. Their team is flexible, very easy to work with, and has a proven track record of making win-win deals for both the seller and buyer.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Cami went into full time real estate investing in March 2020, following Greg who went full time in December 2019
  • How Greg and Cami became part of the Wicked Smart community in February of 2019 and hit the ground running
  • How the Gouchers dealt with their rapidly scaling business, how they divided up the work, and why leaving their J-O-B was crucial
  • What advice the Gouchers have to offer for anyone considering leaving their careers to make the jump to full time real estate investing but are afraid of the transition
  • Why the support, education and encouragement the Gouchers have received from the Wicked Smart community has been instrumental in their success
  • How ACAA (Action, Critique, Adjust, Action) has been a powerful tool that has helped the Gouchers build their business the right way
  • Why consistency in the actions you take and how you use your time is vital, and why your “why” should be your guide
  • What steps and morning rituals Greg and Cami follow every single day to set themselves up for success
  • How learning about “stacking” has been transformative for Greg and Cami, and why it is important to listen to your gut




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