Probate Real Estate, with Ernie Vargas

Probate Real Estate, with Ernie Vargas

Episode 267:

Ernie Vargas purchased his first house in 1994, not really knowing what he was doing. He continued doing real estate part time while working full time jobs not really hitting the success he felt he was capable of. In 1999, after an accident that placed him in a coma he realized that life was short and he needed to make a major change as he didn’t want to continue to live a life where he had to ask a ”boss” for permission to take time off to spend quality time with his family, so he quit his job and went full time into investing.

It wasn’t until 2000 that probate hit his radar, which pushed him on the quest to learn all he could about this niche that no one had answers for. After many years of specializing in probate, he has become a true probate expert often helping even attorneys and their clients in the probate process. His ability to think outside the box coupled with his expertise in negotiating and marketing, has allowed him to help, as of today 847 investors, agents, and sellers get the deal closed. He is therefore, the secret weapon consultant to the who’s who in the secret society of 8 figure income earners of the real estate community.

Now Ernie not only has more time to spend with his wife and four kids traveling but he gets to do what he truly loves doing- helping everyday people create an exceptional real estate business through his automated, systemized way of doing real estate that gives them more money and personal freedom than they’ve ever had before.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What probate real estate is and why it's important to understand
  • How an accident that put Ernie in a coma, ultimately led him to probate real estate
  • Why you’ll find the highest quality seller in probate
  • The unique challenges that probate sellers experience, and the return if you get it right.
  • What the biggest challenge of working with probate is
  • How probate real estate and legal differ
  • The impact that covid-19 has had on probate
  • Where to find probate real estate leads in America
  • How you can learn how to participate in probate
  • Why you should get involved in probate


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