From Mom to 28 VAs Serving Over 70 Investors, with Elsa Palmer-Oden

From Mom to 28 VAs Serving Over 70 Investors, with Elsa Palmer-Oden

Episode 96:

She is a proud mother of two boys, wife of a great and supportive husband, and a business entrepreneur.

Elsa’s background ranges in many areas. She started like most working in fast-food in high school and then convenience stores and waitressing, while also working with her parents in robotics. She then went on to working in automotive service and parts, mortgage and auto loan processing, and then aviation maintenance planning. In 2007, she really wanted to find a way to stay home with her kids, but still make money. Her search came to virtual assisting.

She loved the idea of being self-employed and helping other small businesses succeed on a budget. In 2011, she started Virtual Office VA Staffing, in order to help other professional virtual assistants have an opportunity to be successful, while helping real estate investors (and other small businesses) be successful. The best of both worlds! She then created to better help investors be more successful. She loves helping others be successful!

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • How Elsa founded her virtual assistant service, why she chose to go into business to help investors, and what her business looks like today
  • What services Elsa's business offers, what reservations investors tend to have about hiring VA's, and how Elsa addresses those concerns
  • How Elsa's company handles all the hassle of hiring, training, and firing VAs to make things easier for real estate investors
  • What important entrepreneurial lessons Elsa has learned in building and growing her own business
  • Why it is important to stick with a strategy and master it, rather than bouncing back and forth between strategies
  • How to get a discount on Elsa's VA service and get a month of free access to Elsa's REI Resources
  • What key activities Elsa follows each and every day to maximize her potential and prepare for the challenges of her work
  • What current projects Elsa is working on, including a book she is co-authoring and a program she is creating dealing with business automation
  • Why Elsa considers finding a great mentor to be a crucial step for building and growing your business
  • What advice Elsa would offer to new investors to help them build their confidence and focus on their success

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