Scaling Up Your Business With Courage and Leadership, with Dan Ralphs

Scaling Up Your Business With Courage and Leadership, with Dan Ralphs

Episode 146:

He is also is the creator of the Dream Leader Certification course, in which he has supported over 100 leaders from all over the world to become Dream Leaders to those they lead. Together they have helped their people accomplish dreams like buying a first home, riding elephants in Thailand and starting a foundation to help mothers facing infant loss. Between Dan and the dream leaders he has certified, there are thousands who have been awakened to their dreams and their ability to achieve them.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Dan believes the typical employer-employee relationship isn't authentic or mutual, and how Dream Leadership Consulting is working to change that
  • Why deeper and more meaningful relationships between business leaders and their teams is the key to getting people self-motivated and focused
  • How Dan defines leadership, and why building and maintaining trust is the key to strengthening relationships
  • What steps Dan recommends to entrepreneurs hiring an employee for the first time who want the relationship to start off on the right foot
  • Why hiring the right people who are aligned to your values and feel a connection to your business is vital
  • Why every business owner starts out knowing their craft but having to learn how to run a business while they scale
  • Why it is important to find a coach who has actually built a business and worked in the trenches
  • How Dan helps entrepreneurs and business owners establish a “business operating system” to help run and scale their organizations
  • Why planning your goals and establishing your mission, vision and values is important for any business
  • Why establishing, running, and scaling a business as an entrepreneur takes true courage and commitment


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