Financial Freedom Now, with Curtis May

Financial Freedom Now, with Curtis May

Episode 114:

Curtis May built a financial advising company that offers a wide pool of knowledge for clients who have the desire not just to invest or organize their money – but to enjoy it now. His business follows the Prosperity Economics model that is focused on life-long learning and alternative investment options. Curtis has been in the business since 1985, and his 30-year commitment to the industry gives him hands-on experience that clients and advisors both can utilize. Curtis is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a widely respected member of his society. He has a wife, Erica, and three daughters and they all enjoy sports and travel together as a family. In his free time, he plays basketball and hosts various financial planning resource events each year. His goal for clients: “How can I save money and live the very best life that I can right now?”
What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The when, how, and why Curtis May got started in finance
  • What is prosperity economics
  • The seven principles of prosperity economics
  • Typical vs. traditional financial advice
  • How to use infinite banking so you can become your own banker
  • The five biggest areas for financial loss
  • Why Curtis May chooses to focus on efficiency instead of picking winning investments

Additional resources from Curtis May:

Additional resources: