Crowdfunded Real Estate Investing, with Clint Anderson

Crowdfunded Real Estate Investing, with Clint Anderson

Episode 193:

Clint Anderson, CEO and Founder of EquityDoor, is a 20 year veteran of both technology and real-estate investing. With a passion for emerging technologies and personal experience with property management, single and multi-family rentals, house flipping and real estate sales, Anderson brings a unique, hands-on perspective to EquityDoor.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Clint first got involved in real estate, and how he launched his crowdfunding real estate business, EquityDoor
  • How the business is structured specifically to allow the “average Joe” to get involved in real estate investing
  • What kind of projects Clint and his team invest in, and how they are able to offer a large variety of crowdfunded projects
  • How EquityDoor is now partnering with self-directed individual retirement account custodians to bring their investors to these real estate projects
  • How the team at EquityDoor is structured, and what parts of the business are managed internally versus outsourced
  • What a typical day for Clint and his team looks like, and why education is the backbone of his work
  • What critical rules govern these types of investments, and what to look for to ensure that you're doing your due diligence
  • What's next for Clint and the team, including founding a sister company that will serve as a platform to educate people on real estate investing and crowdfunding
  • How, as a child, Clint's best friend's father served as his first real estate mentor, and what key lessons he learned


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