Serial Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor, Claudia Dill, Finds Her Way to $450,000 Earned

Serial Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor, Claudia Dill, Finds Her Way to $450,000 Earned

Episode 102:

Claudia Dill grew up in upstate New York and Northern California. Claudia attended State University College at Cortland majoring in Physical Education but never taught. She moved to Lake Tahoe, worked as a professional ski patroller and other seasonal jobs for several years.

Later, Claudia obtained a degree in Physical Therapy from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Her first entrepreneurial experience was owning a private practice in Lake Tahoe. After 11 years, she sold the practice to an employee and retired, spending a couple of partial years living in Anchorage, Alaska before deciding to travel the lower 48 in an RV with her husband.

This plan started off with a bang as the San Francisco earthquake happened during their first week on the road in California. Several weeks later, they ended up in Florida, a place they found interesting, but not somewhere to stay long-term, so they bee-lined back to Tucson, Arizona for its mountains and mild winters.

A few years later they divorced and Claudia devoted herself to the game of tennis for about a decade, training and competing around the country. Early on, she discovered wheelchair tennis and found it combined her interests in PT and tennis. She became a certified wheelchair tennis teaching pro, her second entrepreneurial experience, and continues this today, almost 20 years later.

After losing a total of 80% of her “comfortable” wealth in the tech crash and the recession of 2008, Claudia stubbornly stayed in the market a few more years believing that with the sage advice of financial advisors, she could recover. As it became increasingly obvious that it was a fantasy and would not happen, she looked around to find a way to do it on her own. A latent interest in real estate led her to seek out a mentor who would educate and guide her to competency in real estate investing.

Fast forward to today, after sinking over $75,000 into different programs and systems that just did not fit or work or even really existed, Claudia discovered Chris Prefontaine, with his straightforward communication style and his clarity. She gradually came to appreciate and trust his experience, availability, creativity, and willingness to really participate in her progress, leading to her eventual upgrade to the high six level of participation.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Claudia initially got involved in real estate, and what kind of success she found and mistakes she made in her early years
  • How Claudia tied her home equity line of credit into a deal that went sour due to teaching from less-than-stellar mentors
  • How Claudia lost 80% of her net worth due to the tech bubble crash and then the real estate market crash, and how she got back on her feet
  • What valuable tools and personal transformation Chris's coaching gave Claudia that helped her power through her own misgivings
  • How Claudia has successfully completed six deals since learning Chris's methods, and how she has several more deals that will be completing or cashing out soon
  • What kind of paydays Claudia has seen using Smart Real Estate Coach methods, with a total of around $70,000 from payday one and around $4500 from payday two from her properties so far, for nearly $450,000 total earned so far
  • Why Claudia suggests that people start by altering their mindsets and vocalizing present-tense goals out loud to someone
  • Why you should affirm your goals daily to develop positive habits and shut down negative thinking, and how Claudia saw success within just 2 weeks
  • How attending three of Chris's QLS events has been increasingly transformative and educational for Claudia
  • What books Claudia recommends people read that have had the most major impacts on her thinking and business strategies
  • Why Claudia's parting advice is to “take massive, imperfect action” rather than waiting for everything to be perfect

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