Searching Property Lists the Easy Way, with Burton Alicando

Searching Property Lists the Easy Way, with Burton Alicando

Episode 171:

Burton Alicando lives for data. He is the Media Relations Director and Product Specialist at PropStream, where users can combine any number of criteria and extract lists of properties that meet the exact investment profile they're looking for. PropStream has nationwide coverage in the areas of preforeclosure, MLS properties, bank-owned real estate, vacant properties, as well as tax, IRS, HOA and utility liens, bankruptcy, divorce, and more.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Burton describes PropStream's function and how it helps its users nationwide find lists of properties that meet their search criteria in any market
  • How PropStream differs from competing data aggregators by purchasing frequent, fresh data and other records and through their unique presentation
  • How PropStream's new List Automator tool eliminates the need to manually update a property list by automatically updating properties on a daily basis
  • Why PropStream is adding a function to allow users to import their own existing lists and then update them based on PropStream's data
  • How the Smart Real Estate Coach team uses PropStream for their own property lists and to niche down on specific types of deals
  • Why being able to search records at a granular level is one of the strengths of the PropStream service
  • How investors who work in various niches including the terms business can use PropStream to find hidden gems their competitors will miss
  • How to get a free seven-day trial of PropStream and to get a discount on the monthly fee just for being a Smart Real Estate Coach podcast listener
  • How PropStream also offers a rehab calculator to help you determine the average cost of a rehab property, as well as skip tracing and direct marketing
  • What support tools and options are available for new PropStream users to help them easily learn to use the service


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