Generating Leads and Analyzing Properties, with Burton Alicando

Generating Leads and Analyzing Properties, with Burton Alicando

Episode 343:

Burton Alicando lives for data. He is the Media Relations Director and Product Specialist at PropStream, where users can combine any number of criteria and extract lists of properties that meet the exact investment profile they're looking for. PropStream has nationwide coverage in the areas of pre-foreclosure, MLS properties, bank-owned real estate, vacant properties, as well as tax, IRS, HOA and utility liens, bankruptcy, divorce, and more.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • What is PropStream and how do they help you generate leads and analyze properties
  • How PropStream differentiates from other data collectors
  • What types of investors (solopreneur to team) does PropStream cater to
  • How can you best use PropStream based on your stage as an investor
  • What are the four things that you need to know when leads call you back
  • Why Burton believes that the market will continue to see an increase in prices
  • Learn more from Burton Alicando by listening to episode #171




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