Re-engineered Life and Biz at age 71 and on Track for $1M in Year One, with Bill Reich

Re-engineered Life and Biz at age 71 and on Track for $1M in Year One, with Bill Reich

Episode 88:

Bill started Bright Property Solutions in 2017 at the ripe young age of 71. He and his partner, Joanne, have grown the business to over $1M per year by buying and selling residential properties on terms in the DC/Baltimore area. Bill’s plan is to grow the company to $3M per year by 2020, and then will try to scale back from his 14-hour days to spend more time with his family–including nine grandchildren from his two sons–and indulging in his passions for traveling to different countries throughout the world.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • How the 2008 economic crash left Bill starting over, after 40 years in the commercial real estate business
  • How becoming an associate with Chris’s family business has been significantly different from Bill's time in commercial real estate
  • What Bill finds appealing about being an associate, and what support he receives from Chris and the family business
  • Why Bill is confident that he will be able to hit $1 million dollars in his first year in business under Chris’s program
  • How Bill is able to operate in the higher-end market, and why more affluent sellers need to sell quickly too
  • Why Bill is expanding his business by hiring others, including a former seller he completed a deal with
  • Why Bill recommends books by Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, Dr. Joe Vitale, Grant Cardone, Darren Hardy, and others
  • What big projects Bill has in the works, including launching an Airbnb rental business
  • What advice Bill would recommend for investors who may be questioning themselves or looking to get started on the right foot
  • Why having the right mentor is critical for helping you learn from the mistakes you're going to make anyway

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