Becoming a Real Estate Developer, with Asi Cymbal

Becoming a Real Estate Developer, with Asi Cymbal

Episode 296:

Asi Cymbal is the president and owner of Cymbal Development. Mr. Cymbal has over 30 years of experience in real estate development, construction, finance, and law. He has acquired, developed, or constructed more than $1 billion in projects. Cymbal Development is an innovative and design-driven development and construction company that promotes responsible and professional projects. It was formed with the intent of developing and constructing aesthetically significant real estate assets.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How as a teenager Asi watched his mother struggle financially until she found real estate, and how it encouraged him to get into real estate himself
  • Why working with the right mentors has been crucial for Asi in his process of becoming a real estate developer
  • Why the long, time-involved process of developing real estate pushed Asi to leave Los Angeles and return to New York
  • How Asi got hired for his first job working with a real estate developer, and how he grew his business and skills through hard work and passion for learning
  • How Asi weathered the real estate market crash of 2008, and how the crisis he experienced shifted his mindset
  • How Cymbal Development emerged as the culmination of all the lessons and experiences Asi has had over the course of his career
  • Why Asi's focus is on creating exponential growth and how he has set big, exciting goals for his business
  • Why taking a chance on yourself and taking the jobs you can learn from and can gain new skills from is foundational for success
  • Why committing to your path and taking decisive action is important for succeeding in whatever you choose to do




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