The Power of a Revolution

By implementing these daily disciplines, you can achieve success in whatever you desire — it just takes time.

The Power of a Revolution

As we are well into the first quarter of 2021, I got to thinking about the Power of a Revolution.  All successful people I’ve had the pleasure of shadowing, coaching, or simply speaking to have one common thread – they are great at starting, maintaining, and/or joining a true Revolution, and then they are amazing organizers of resources, people, time, money, energy, etc.  Today more than ever the power of a revolution via the Perfect Triangle that I’ve been speaking about since the start of COVID is not only more important as we all seek community, but it’s also providing structure and financial safety, and freedom to the members of such a community.  Being part of this Revolution and being able to organize the growth is much more important than a lot of other traits.  This is mainly because the cost, complexity, and difficulty of doing business everywhere have really increased.  This ranges from all the challenges with COVID to an individual’s mindset changing dramatically because of it.  Life has changed.  If you’re still strapped to a job that you’re not thrilled with or jumping on planes that you’d rather not or struggling in real estate, you have an opportunity to be literally part of our Revolution with the Wicked Smart Community



Tom Monahan of Dominos Pizza was quoted saying “You know we could have 9,000 units instead of 3,000 units just as easily.  The only thing stopping us is ….”  See he had touched upon a revolution but he couldn’t scale it because of people and other resources and lack of support.  Our early spring event each year is about Muscling to a Million ($0-$999,000 revenue) and then Crossing the Line (becoming a true owner and CEO and scaling your business).


When I ran across that quote it made me think a little about all of the ventures that Kim and I have been involved in over the years compared to our present project and amazing journey with Smart Real Estate Coach and the amazing Wicked Smart Community.  In many of those ventures, we did just fine (aside from the 2008 crash which then created this newly designed Revolution indirectly -who would have known!) I would say we were not tapping into any revolution or starting a revolution whatsoever and we definitely were not organized to scale it at any level.  That’s why we kept muscling just fine but never crossing the line.


Post-2008 after being decimated we began the journey which started empowering people all over the country and now has touched 1000’s of families.


This Revolution is sparked by not only the niche we designed and the

3 Paydays ™ unique system inside the terms niche but now exacerbated by the chaos and COVID because this was built to thrive in all markets.  We bring the Wicked Smart Community and the public together 4 times per year minimally on a national scale whether that’s in person or via zoom or other technology.


The power of being part of such a community is literally unlimited.  If you’re not sure what something like this feels like to feel alive again, to be empowered again, and to be setting yourself up for financial freedom, you’ll want to rub elbows with the best and brightest in our community.  At two of the four yearly events, we host an Associate Development Day whereby myself, my son Nick and my son in law Zach peel back the green curtain along with our Associates and really uncover the best, brightest, and most profitable techniques and deal structures available during these times because we’re in the trenches with you.


You won’t want to miss it.  This event is for Associates only and we’ve opened up 15 seats for anyone to shadow for under $500.  These are $25,000 days and you can sit in and watch, listen and take notes if you’re one of the 15.


See, the Power of a true Revolution is not to be taken lightly.  When you look at your day right now, are you maximizing absolutely every resource…or are some being wasted?  Are you super organized?  Are you engaged ONLY in high payoff activities?  Are you structuring deals already with 3 Paydays ™ or stuck trying to get into a movement that really works?


Be part of a Revolution and stay systems-driven with eyes on the big picture and attach yourself to the Wicked Smart Community for an extra day to revolutionize your business and life.