How Badly Do You Really Want It?

By implementing these daily disciplines, you can achieve success in whatever you desire — it just takes time.

How Badly Do You Really Want It?

What do I know for sure after coming out of the 2008 real estate crash, as well as having weathered many storms economically and otherwise?

Well, that’s a book-and-a-half in itself, but two things come to mind relative to you being able to experience a breakthrough financially and empowering yourself to literally design the life of your dreams for you and/or your family.

I know for a fact that if every person who hears about and sees our Wicked Smart Community (and the experience the Associates are having and have had) knew they could also have a similar experience, everyone would take action.

What’s stopping you then?  How badly do you really want it?

I'm guessing one, or both, of these things are what is getting in your way:

  1. Money
  2. Belief in yourself

Let’s address the money issue. By now you have for sure heard my story in our best-selling book Revised: Real Estate on Your TERMS, and if you haven’t, that’s a read or reread since it was just republished at the end of 2020. I learned about a mastermind group sometime around 2012. By that time in my post-2008 crash career, I had had enough with the credit card, IRS, and bank collectors, as well as repossession companies and all kinds of negotiations and settlements, and my ego and confidence had taken a major blow. I simply said, ENOUGH! I drew a line in the sand and said “I’m moving forward, but something has got to change”. I want to help you draw the line.

The mastermind group was $25,000.  I looked at the people in the group and I looked at the facilitator and I thought “shoot, they’ve got it going on. If only I could model that and accomplish a fraction, I’d be excited.I could wait another year until I maybe “saved up enough to join” but then again, it had been four grueling years since the crash and that path wasn’t working. I had to get resourceful. I called 4 or so different people and said the same thing (how I said it and how you say it is the key, not just what I said – they need to hear confidence):

I have this group I want to join that is $25,000. We’re going to do real estate deals together and they’re super lucrative – like $50,000-$100,000 per deal. I invite you to invest in it for me and I’ll pay you back 33% of all my profits until you have 100% return on your money or $50,000. I think worst-case scenario it could take me 36 months, but maybe sooner.

One of them said yes and it was someone I went to college with who kept in touch only every few years and was now an attorney looking for a better return than their measly 2%-5% because even if it took 36 months that’s an annual return of 33% or so… quite nice for him.

In approximately 24 months he was paid back and has since done many more investments with me because of it.

Why is this important relative to how badly you want it?

The only thing standing between you and having enormous success with us in the Wicked Smart Community is you getting resourceful. You could take the route I did and I’m happy to speak with your investor or partner or some other ideas for you include:

  1. Bring on a working partner to do something with you v
  2. Go to one of our recommended funding sources like Fund & Grow or Lencred and secure some funds that way if you have decent credit
  3. Take advantage of the payment plans that we now offer
  4. Access your 401K and/or IRA funds – many Associates have done that – with and without the COVID-related incentives because they can write off the expense in that tax year, far outweighing any fees or expenses in the 401k or IRA.
  5. Simply start at the 90 Day Jump Start Level which is affordable to all

I could keep going, but if you’re sincerely interested, just book a strategy call with us and we’ll help you implement a plan. Or, you can simply apply now for Associate Level. 

Let’s now address the BELIEF in yourself component.  I want to help you get out of your own way as that is the ONLY thing stunting your growth and success right now.

Imagine you’re in a room full of people and I’m on stage and I shout out that if anyone has a $100 bill they can come up to the stage and I will hand them $200 in exchange – that’s a 100% return in minutes. Further, I say that I’ll give the first five people 2 hours to get resourceful and find a $100 bill. I bet with that kind of clear path to a return, you’d find a way – you’d get resourceful.

Well, that’s what kind of predictability we have in our Wicked Smart Community for those willing to work hard for 36 months, those who are serious and committed, and those who are coachable and will do everything we direct them to do.  Use that same belief and predictability and let’s get started before our Associate areas are too densely populated for you to apply.

Now, how serious are you?  How badly do you want it?

We’re here to help.