How to Build a Real Estate Portfolio

How to Build a Real Estate Portfolio

How to Build a Real Estate Portfolio

How to Build a Real Estate Portfolio

Building a portfolio in real estate is more than just owning a property or two and then turning around and selling it. It’s about building a scalable business to stack paydays and become financially free.  Before you can start to plan out how to build a real estate portfolio, you need to know exactly what it is. 

For us at Smart Real Estate Coach, a real estate portfolio is a business that is providing you with a steady flow of three paydays. It’s a business that is sustainable and predictable with systems in place that generate reliable income. Your goal needs to be to create a business that is spitting out cash through business scaling. 


To understand how to build a real estate portfolio, you need to have a system in place to scale your business with these three main elements: 


  1. Leads. Leads are the lifeblood of every single business. You need to focus on bringing in more leads that are reliable to have long-term growth. 
  2. Lead conversion. By getting really practiced with your sales scripts, converting leads will become easier and faster. Think about how you can convert your leads to appointments and then convert those contracts.
  3. Customer value. Customer value in this business has to do with those three paydays and how much income each customer provides. Strategies you use to tweak each payday to increase the customer value will allow you to scale your business. 


To fully scale your real estate business and build a portfolio, you aren’t going to target one of these elements, you will want to make tweaks to your lead generation, conversion, and customer value all at once. How can you improve each element throughout your scaling process? We focus on stacking for both your mindset and wealth. 


How to build a real estate portfolio with two types of stacking. 


Stacking is the idea of slowly adding more on in life in terms of education, capacity, skill sets, and income. Stacking is essential in knowing how to build a real estate portfolio. There are two kinds of stacking:


General Stacking


Stacking your education and so you can start with our foundation level Quantum Leap System and then move on to interactive coaching and become a part of the Associate program. 

We don’t want you to take on the world all at once. Stacking your education will allow you to grow at your own pace. We are there to match you with effort for effort – you set the pace and we help you achieve your goals.

By adding on one step at a time, you will learn scripts, become comfortable with sellers, and add even more elements to scale your business. 


Wealth Stacking 


Start with the basic stacking, once you have a portfolio of 3-4 properties you can start wealth stacking. 

Wealth Stacking gives you 4-5 paydays, not just 3. It creates massive cash flow and wealth. We show how to analyze a particular deal then shift a sandwich lease with an end date of 3 to 4 years into a long-term 10 to 20-year lease. Ultimately, we will teach you how to build a real estate portfolio by extending your deals to create long-term wealth. We turn you into an expert to ensure you always have regular incoming paydays. 


Stack your mindset for success.


When you properly stack properties, you start to build wealth. When we teach you how to build a real estate portfolio, we teach you how to change your mindset. To get there, we use a self-reflection approach. 

You need to make sure that your mindset stays in a frame of growth through regular check-ins on your goals. Let’s start with a ‘Gut Check’ on last year:


  1. Are you where you thought you would be when you set your goals at the beginning of the year?
  2. What should you stop doing in 2022 so that you can reach your goals? Do you have mindset matters to address? Bad habits that need correcting? 
  3. What is your biggest fear or obstacle that you didn’t tackle last year and which you know would have been helpful to achieving your goals? How can you overcome that obstacle in the coming year? 
  4. Time to reward your journey. Do you ever think to yourself, when I do ____, I’ll be happy? How can you unlock more of that now? Think of some fun activities you can plan to disrupt your comfort zone and reward yourself for what you already accomplished
  5. Define the capabilities or resources you need to reach your goals. What extra skills do you need? Do you need to know how to scale your businesses or learn how to generate leads? We can nearly guarantee that we have the resources to help you achieve your goals.
  6. Set Routines – Consider what routines you can start immediately that will help you reach your goals. Humans are habit-based – by creating targeted routines, you’ll be taking one step closer each day to reaching your goals and building a successful business 


Get support. 


Building wealth and achieving financial freedom takes time. Our Quantum Leap System (a part of the Wicked Smart Academy) gives you a jumpstart education on how to build a real estate portfolio and helps you set your mind set up for success.