How Much Does Real Estate Coaching Cost?

How Much Does Real Estate Coaching Cost

How Much Does Real Estate Coaching Cost?

How Much Does Real Estate Coaching Cost

A lot of our Associates started with the mentality that real estate coaching is not affordable for them. Too expensive, too much time and they just don’t have the resources. They were wrong. We have seen people fully hold off on ever getting the right education, always wondering but never knowing how much does real estate coaching cost. How much you choose to spend depends on your commitment level and personal circumstances. 

Here’s the thing – if you never get the knowledge and you never get the support, how are you going to set yourself financially free? You’re going to be stuck in the cycle of working hard to earn a salary whilst never achieving the passive income you need to change your family’s life. You cannot have true financial independence unless you have investments that give you paydays, even when you aren’t working. 

We aren’t here to tell you that real estate coaching is cheap. If you are looking at a cheap program, turn in the other direction because it’s not going to get you anywhere and you’ll be wasting your money. If good coaching were cheap, the market would be flooded with real estate investors.

We know that anyone who is disciplined, motivated, and given the right system can become a real estate investor. But you need practical, real-world experience provided by successful investors as well as tools that make it easy to know how to get deals done. 

When you work with our team, it’s not about how much does real estate coaching cost, it’s about what your return on investment will be. 


Why We Do What We Do


When we first started our real estate investing journey, we were faced with the unfortunate reality that there was a gap between knowledge and practical skills. We had to go through a sharp learning curve of trial and error, but we made it through. 

Now, Smart Real Estate Coach uses these experiences to help others through affordable programs that provide the proper foundation for success. We know that with great tools, coaching, and determination, anyone can apply our system to start earning paydays. 

Let’s get things straight, we aren’t offering you a get-rich-quick solution. Our proven system guides highly motivated individuals through the process of building real estate businesses that generate six-figure incomes over time. But we aren’t going to try to sell it to you by saying it’s easy. 

So, when you next think to yourself, ‘how much does real estate coaching cost?’ we want you to change your mindset to ‘how much am I willing to invest in my financial future?’. Our three payday average is between $45,000 and $75,000 across the country. Don’t leave this money on the table. 

Our different coaching packages help you stack your skillsets and get the experience you need to get to where you want to be. With four different coaching levels, you can step up your investment at your own pace. 


90 Day Jump Start


Our 90 Day Jump Start program is a stepping stone from the foundation knowledge provided in our QLS Home Study Program. We’ve even seen successful applicants who start this system whilst also doing the QLS. 

Not fully ready to commit to one of our Associate levels? No problem. 

90 Day Jump Start is perfect for those looking for a quick start to launching their business, at an affordable price point. 

You will have all the resources and systems in your hands that you need to get deals done. You’ll be working alongside like-minded people moving in the same direction and who will help guide you and keep you motivated.


Starter Associate Level


Our Starter Associate Level Program empowers you to create the life of your dreams. We will help you launch your real estate business with as little as $100 with step-by-step guidance to do your first deal. 

It’s great for students who are looking for a part-time coaching program that they can do whilst still maintaining their full-time job. With full access to the Wicked Smart Academy, you get access to all of the self-guided tools including QLS, the Seller Specialist Program, Deal Structure Overtime, The 31-Day Billionaire, and more. 

You will become a part of our Slack community, participate in Mastermind Call and our Associate Development Day in which we will impart all the strategies, techniques, and secrets of real estate investing. 


Immersion Associates


Become a Family Team Member. Our Immersion Associate Program is for highly motivated individuals who are ready to set up their business and scale quickly – it’s the full package of everything you need. 

These Associates get access to everything in our 90 Starter and Starter Associate Level programs with the added bonus of in-person coaching in your market and a fully designed website. 


High 6 Associate


Members of the Wicked Smart Community that join our High 6 Associate Program are ready to commit to real estate investing full time. They are working on creating that 6-7 figure business whilst also wanting to help others get to their level. 

Not only do High 6 Associates have access to all our learning content and strategies, but they are also put on the path to becoming a Certified Coach with profit sharing opportunities and Authority Coaching Access with Chris and the Family Team. 


How Much Does Real Estate Coaching Cost is Dependant on Your Commitment Level


Each of our programs provides Associates with detailed systems and strategies for building a successful real estate business. We made different levels of investment so that you can stack your education and your skillsets at your own pace. 

We match effort-for-effort.

If you’re not ready to commit to one of our Associate levels, we get it! That’s why we have created the 90 Day Jump Start Program so you can get to know our team and know if this is the right avenue for you. The cost of the 90 Day Jump Start program is 100% creditable if you choose to upgrade to the next level. 

To answer similar questions like ‘how much does real estate coaching cost?’ check out our other similar blog posts. If you’re not sure which program is the right fit for you, we strongly encourage you to book a Strategy Call with one of our team members. We will help you decide which is the best system for you right now.