Real Estate Investing Courses

Real Estate Investing Courses

Real Estate Investing Courses

Real Estate Investing Courses

When first getting started in real estate investments, it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the real estate investing courses available online. We see it all the time. A new investor is nervous about taking the plunge into real estate investing and starts learning as much as they possibly can about the business. 

Of course, we always encourage all investors to be prepared and learn everything they can. But we also know that people can get education paralysis. This is where a new investor continues taking real estate investing courses and never applying the knowledge they’ve learned. 

So how many courses should an investor take before diving into real-world investing? 

Discover our take on how much you need to know before taking action and investing. 


How Many Real Estate Investing Courses Do You Need?


There are a couple of the questions our team gets all the time: “how many courses should I take?” “How many seminars do I need to attend?” “How many programs should I review?” All these questions are asked from brand new investors wanting to make sure they’re doing all the right things before investing in their first property. 

So what’s the answer to all these questions? 


That’s right. All these questions have the same answer. You only need one course or seminar, or program. 


If the course you choose is right, you only need one system. 


If you get the right one, now here's a challenge. So many people we speak with in strategy calls are so spent financially and mentally after doing ten courses and not doing a deal that, even if we hit them right square in the face with the most effective immediate solution, they won't do it. They get self-doubt.

They get naysayers and all kinds of people saying, “You already tried that.” But the fact is, no. You didn't try it. You tried a bunch of crap, and I'm not going to point fingers at anyone in the industry. It doesn’t matter. But the reality is that many real estate courses are being sold by excellent marketers that won’t get you where you want to go. 

Marketers can create a beautiful, fancy package for a course. But they can’t teach you how to invest wisely in real estate and make a great return on investment. They also can’t teach you how to spot a good deal or negotiate one. That’s the problem. 

In speaking with many new real estate investors, getting emails, and taking questions every week, I realized there is an enormous gap between the time someone takes a course or goes to a seminar and when they do a deal. 

Unfortunately, some people get stuck in that gap their whole life. They are continuously buying one course after another, never taking action and implementing what they have learned. So they give up and say that real estate isn’t for them. 

But it’s not that real estate isn’t for you. It’s that you have to find the right path and the right person or course to help guide you to your first successes. And, the truth is, if there were tons of real estate coaches and courses out there that worked for people, our team wouldn’t get so many calls from people who have spent tens of thousands or even a hundred thousand dollars trying to break into real estate investing with no success. 

We know that we aren’t the only company that offers courses that actually work, but we do believe we have the best product and results on the market. 


What Sets Smart Real Estate Coach’s Course Apart?


Our course doesn’t ask you to spend an arm and a leg like those other real estate investing courses. And we are happy to guide you through the market to get your first deal going. 

We support you in our course by giving step-by-step guidance, a behind-the-scenes look at what we do and how we run our business. We show you exactly what we’re doing, even as the market shifts, so you can replicate our process for yourself. 

We’re completely transparent. We don’t sugarcoat anything, and we are upfront about how many leads it will probably take you to get your first deal. It’s just how we do business. We don’t believe in leading you on or covering up what we are with fancy slogans or marketing. 

All we want is for you to succeed, and that’s why our course is successful. It’s why we can have so many students making a return on their investment. We are supportive and straightforward, unlike many other courses out there. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

If you would like to know more about our course and how it can help you learn about real estate, check out the resources section of our website or watch this quick, ten-minute video


The Three Paydays™ Strategy, Your Path to Success 


As the creators of this course, we have a hard time being impartial. But, let us tell you a little about our course anyway. 

While many elements make our course unique, two specific things stick out to us. The first is our Three Paydays™ strategy, and the second is we believe in investing with little to no money down. 


What is the Three Paydays™ strategy? 


It’s the philosophy that we never want to be put in a position where we are struggling to pay any bills, so we leverage our investment and make sure we can get paid three times throughout our investment. That means getting paid from the cash deposit (the beginning of the deal), paid from the monthly cash flow, and paid the back-end profit. 

Now that you know a little about the Three Paydays™ strategy let’s learn about investing with little to no money down. 

We get it. Not everyone has thousands of extra dollars lying around to make a down payment on a home or investment property. That’s why we teach different strategies to lower your cost. These investment strategies include lease purchasing and owner financing, among others. 

If you would like to know more about these strategies, be sure to check out our ebook


So, What Should You Look for in Real Estate Investing Courses?

In short, whatever works best for you. We encourage you to consider choosing from the real estate investing courses from Smart Real Estate Coach because we know it works. If you’re interested feel free to schedule a strategy call with one of our experts to help put you on the path that fits your needs the best.