Results Oriented Mindset, with Zach Beach

Results Oriented Mindset, with Zach Beach

Episode 282:

Zachary Beach is an Amazon Best-Selling Author of The New Rules of Real Estate Investing and revised edition of Real Estate On Your Terms. He has been an authority in real estate for 7 years now and has personally completed hundreds of real estate transactions and has mentored investors to complete thousands of transactions.


At the age of 25, Zach decided to leave the world of bartending and personally training and jump into the family business. Now he is an equal partner and runs the acquisitions department, focusing on helping sellers accomplish their goal of selling their property.


If Zach is not working, you will find him enjoying the outdoors or spending time with his wife Kayla and two kids Remi and Bellamy. His passion for family and business is what keeps him motivated and excited to take on each day.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why it is important to break out of your time oriented mindset and transition to a results oriented mindset
  • How it took Zach six months to do his first real estate deal, but took only four years to reach 100 total deals
  • How gaining experience results in faster results and greater self-confidence, and how external experience from coaches and a community can help accelerate your progress
  • How Zach has learned exactly how long it takes for him to produce results, and how mastering time management can help you achieve your goals
  • Why focusing on developing a results oriented mindset can help you conquer your fear, have more fun, and build and scale your business
  • Why “preparation” is the secret to getting more work done in less time, and what three tactical steps you can take to reach a higher level of results
  • How a “Sunday Strategy” session is the cornerstone of Zach's week, and why it is the key to improving his performance and making the most of his time
  • Why a strong morning routine and setting aside time for “morning prep” is crucial for getting you into the right mindset
  • Why you should close your day out with an “evening debrief” to reflect on everything you did that day and identify ways you can improve the following day
  • How Zach has seen proven results from his three tactical steps, both in his own work and in the Associates he works with




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