LinkedIn for Real Estate Capital, with Yakov Smart

LinkedIn for Real Estate Capital, with Yakov Smart

Episode 280:

Yakov Smart is considered to be the leading expert when it comes to attracting high net-worth investors and raising capital using LinkedIn. He’s the author of Disrupting LinkedIn and a sought-after authority by top business owners and sales leaders world-wide. Yakov has shared the stage with Samantha Debianci of Bravo's hit TV show Million Dollar Listing and been a guest on numerous media outlets.


A resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, today Yakov is the proud leader of Linked Lead Enterprises, where his webinars, on-demand training programs and strategic consulting accelerators give people proven tools and techniques for transforming their LinkedIn Profiles into priceless, Capital Raising Assets.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Yakov discovered the surprising power of LinkedIn for real estate capital-raising for investors
  • What sets LinkedIn apart from other platforms, and why the ability to hyper-target with your searches is an incredible tool for finding professionals looking to invest in deals
  • Why LinkedIn is an ideal way to establish your expertise and credibility and get seen by the right deal-ready investors
  • What steps to follow to begin building contact lists on LinkedIn, and how to find and connect with potential investors
  • What advice Yakov has for anyone wanting to optimize their LinkedIn profile, and why your LinkedIn profile is one of the most important trust-establishing tools you can access
  • Why nailing your LinkedIn headline to convey value in it is critical, and what three methods you can use to convey the value you are offering
  • How recent trends have made LinkedIn become more “conversational”, and what new tools and resources LinkedIn is offering that you can use to amplify your message
  • Why it is important to be intentional and have a plan, and what key mistakes to avoid making when you're designing your profile and growing your network
  • Why it is important to begin building your list now, rather than waiting until you need to tap into your list




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