Get out of the bathtub, with Tom Olson

Get out of the bathtub, with Tom Olson

Episode 73:

Tom Olson is the Founder and President of Olson Group Network, Olson Property Services, Olson Construction Management Services and Good Success. His life mission is to glorify God by adding value to his communities. His life ambition is to give away a billion dollars in his lifetime and to flip the city of Gary, IN, into a place where people are moving too, instead of moving from. His place in this obviously comes from private investment in housing but he is also working on getting a group of people together to help in the government, private and public sectors. The goal is to make a huge impact on the city's future and the overall culture /experience for homeowners, business owners and visitors. In his life, he wants to be a conduit of God's love and blessings and let God give through him what He may not give to him.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • How the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” sparked an interest in real estate for Tom when he was 19 years old
  • How Tom's construction background unexpectedly evolved into a career in real estate during the 2008 recession
  • Why Tom's definition of “good success” is shaped by Biblical verse Joshua 1:8, and how Tom's faith is the cornerstone of his sense of purpose
  • Why Tom has set impressive goals to flip the entire city of Gary, Indiana and to donate a billion dollars in his lifetime
  • How to get involved with Tom's “Good Success” mastermind coming up in 2019, and where to find Tom's “Active Turnkey” ebook
  • Why Tom's turnkey flipping investments offer a higher ROI, but with additional risk over new construction
  • Tom's advice for young investors, and for established business professionals looking to enter real estate for the first time
  • The value Tom places in masterminds, mentors, developing a network of connections, and business/personal development books
  • Tom’s top three daily activities for putting himself into the right mindset for running his business and maintaining balance
  • Which mentors have been critical for the different aspects of Tom’s life (spiritual, business, real estate, etc.) and why