Buy and Hold Real Estate, with Toby Brown

Buy and Hold Real Estate, with Toby Brown

Episode 276:

I am Toby Brown, a multi-conglomerate entrepreneur and CEO of two majorly successful brands: TB Realty, Oklahoma City’s leading real estate property management firm, and Success Vodka, a newly acquired brand that is already ruling OKC’s liquor industry. Working in every facet of real estate for almost 20 years, I am coaching newcomers on what it takes to succeed in the industry. Whether you’re wanting to invest in your first property, or wanting to dive into property management, I can help you sharpen your skill set, launch your career and ultimately build the legacy you desire. I am excited to get started in the process to inspire and motivate those with a strong work ethic.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why Toby primarily focuses on buy and hold real estate strategies rather than selling
  • How Toby got involved in real estate investing with a $7000 foreclosure property
  • Why Toby was known as the “Section 8 Landlord”
  • What steps Toby recommends for risk-averse people who want to get involved in real estate investing
  • Why Toby has began to implement a rent-to-own model on 60% of his investment properties
  • How Toby has “fired himself” and now works only in the areas that best fit him in his business


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