Starting in Real Estate Investing, with Steve Rozenberg

Starting in Real Estate Investing, with Steve Rozenberg

Episode 314:

Steve Rozenberg is an international commercial airline pilot who, after the tragedies of 9/11, was forced to realize that his “Safe and Secure career” was nowhere near as safe and secure as he had thought.


Steve chose real estate investing to be able to control his own destiny and create his own generational wealth.


Steve created the fastest growing property management company in the state of Texas, managing over 1,000 properties across 3 major metropolitan cities. Steve built the business up and created maximum cash flow positioning his company for a very profitable exit.


Along with growing his property management company, Steve Rozenberg has flipped, owned, and wholesaled hundreds of single family homes and apartment complexes across the US.


Parlaying all of the success from real estate investing and property management growth, Steve has gone on to be one of the most well-known influencers in the Real Estate Community. He is a top contributor to BiggerPockets as well as other top level Real Estate platforms. He has been a guest and collaborated on countless panels, webinars, masterminds, conferences, podcasts as well as being a published author.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why Steve left his career as an airline pilot, and why he chose to build a new career starting in real estate investing
  • How learning to negotiate and communicate helped Steve flourish in the world of buy-and-hold real estate deals
  • Why the first step to starting in real estate investing is to identify what exactly you want from your life
  • Why Steve was inspired to share the wealth of knowledge and experience he'd developed in real estate investing, to help others make a difference in their lives
  • Why getting your mindset right is one of the key ingredients in the recipe for success, and why you need to decide your destination before you begin your journey
  • Why Steve believes the challenges we face don't happen TO us but instead happen BECAUSE of us, and why it is important to push through your Imposter Syndrome
  • How taking action on a consistent basis can help you correct your mindset and make progress toward your goals, and why saying “yes” is powerful
  • Why becoming wealthy is a “three-legged stool”, and what steps Steve takes to achieve his maximum potential every single day
  • Why success doesn't come down to just one factor but is the result of a combination of many behaviors and factors
  • How Steve's experience traveling all over the world as a pilot showed him the meaning of pride and taught him to appreciate his advantages




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