Screening for High-Quality Tenants, with Stephen M. White

Screening for High-Quality Tenants, with Stephen M. White

Episode 307:

Stephen M. White is the Founder and CEO of RentPrep, the most accurate tenant screening solution for busy landlords. Stephen brings 20 years of experience in the credit industry and entrepreneurship to his role at RentPrep leading a growing team of FCRA-Certified Screeners determined to make renting easier for all.


Before founding RentPrep, Stephen honed and tested his leadership skills while serving as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Marines Corps, where he received two Certificates of Commendation for exceptional demonstration of duty. Stephen is a sought-after expert, prolific author, and frequent keynote speaker and presenter at
industry events around the country.


RentPrep offers the most accurate tenant screening services on the planet. We’re the best solution for landlords looking to avoid the pain of renting to a bad tenant. We provide quick and easy-to-order tenant screening that provides detailed hand-compiled reports compliant with ever-changing local and national laws.


RentPrep helps eliminate reporting errors by offering access to FCRA-Certified Screeners to provide landlords with actionable details to select the best tenants.


Service Offerings:

  • Tenant Background Checks
  • Tenant Credit Checks
  • Tenant Credit Reports
  • Tenant Income Verification
  • Enterprise Solution For 50+ Doors


What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Stephen got started doing background checks after leaving the Marine Corps
  • Why Stephen chooses to continue using human screeners instead of automated databases
  • Why every employee at RentPrep is a Certified Screener, regardless of their position in the company
  • What are the top two reasons that landlords choose to work with RentPrep for tenant screenings
  • What RentPrep finds is the average credit score for a renter
  • Why benign details like not registering a vehicle are a great judge of character
  • How landlords can present themselves professionally to attract good tenants
  • The most common way that people alter their social security numbers for a background check




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