Creating Your Personal Brand, with Steph Hilfer

Creating Your Personal Brand, with Steph Hilfer

Episode 381:

As founder of VIIM, Steph Hilfer is a master at understanding people’s relationships with brands and can visualize what doesn’t yet exist and bring it to life. So while Steph may sometimes live in the clouds surrounded by creative thoughts, she’s grounded in solid business strategy that creates a competitive edge to all brands lucky enough to experience her Midas touch.


What you will learn in this episode:


  • Why the changing landscape of how consumers find a business is changing the way we have to market ourselves
  • Why it is more important than ever to take control of your personal brand to build your following and accentuate what makes you unique from your competitors
  • How you can figure out your personal brand by doing an audit of what you put out into the world
  • Steph’s resources for building your personal brand and getting a handle on your online presence
  • How a consistent brand presence across all platforms can increase your revenue by up to 23%
  • Why you need to take five minutes today to do a visual checklist to ensure your branding is consistent




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