Finding Your “Why,” with Chris Prefontaine

Finding Your “Why,” with Chris Prefontaine

Episode 274:

Chris Prefontaine is the best-selling author of Real Estate on Your Terms: Create Continuous Cash Flow Now, Without Using Your Cash or Credit. He’s also the founder of and the Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast.

Chris has been in real estate for over 25 years. His experience includes the construction of over 100 single-family and duplex homes (mostly in the 1990’s and selectively to date), has owned a Realty Executives Franchise (Massachusetts 1994-2000) as broker/owner which maintained high per-agent standards and eventually sold to Coldwell Banker in 2000. The 2000’s included coaching ½ million and higher REALTORs® in order to scale & automate their business throughout the US and Canada. He also participated (and still does selectively) in doing condo conversions (multi-family homes to condos) and “raise the roof” projects (converting single-family ranches to colonials in growth neighborhoods).

Chris has been a big advocate of constant education and participates regularly in high-end mastermind groups, as well as consults with private mentors. He runs his own buying and selling businesses with his family team, which buys 2-5 properties monthly, so they’re in the trenches every single week. They also help clients do the same thing around the country.

Chris and his family team have done over 80 million in real estate transactions. They mentor, coach, consult, and actually partner with students around the country (by application only) to do exactly what they do.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why you shouldn't follow the masses or listen to anyone who tells you they know what the future holds or who tries to predict the unpredictable
  • Why you should focus not on “how” but on finding your “why,” and how focusing on that “why” will lead you to “how” you’ll get there
  • Chris shares his “why,” what motivates him to do the work he does, and he shares how the month of April 2021 illustrates his dedication to his why
  • Why it is important to avoid getting caught up in what Tony Robbins calls “the tyranny of the how” and letting limiting beliefs prevent you from achieving your goals
  • Why you should embrace the challenges you face and understand that they are opportunities to grow and create new successes
  • Why we all start out curious, hungry learners as kids before life and all its distractions get in the way, and why we should try to recapture that hunger to learn
  • Why “exposure” and who you choose to spend time with makes a tremendous difference to your success and your future
  • What big successes Chris has experienced, and how he and the Wicked Smart community can help you achieve your own incredible rewards if you're ready to do the work
  • How Chris and his team use “stacking” to keep growing and mastering new skills, and why you should read “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Dr. Carol Dweck
  • Why unplugging completely (no email, no phone) from your business will give you clarity on where you are and what you need to do

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