Sharkpreneur comes to Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast, with Seth Greene

Sharkpreneur comes to Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast, with Seth Greene

Episode 75:

Seth is a Nationally Recognized Direct Response Marketing Expert.

Seth Greene is the author of seven best-selling marketing books, and his latest book, Market Domination for Podcasting is on the shelves at Barnes & Noble now.

Seth is the co-host of the SharkPreneur podcast with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington.

Seth has been interviewed on the news on NBC twice, CBS once, featured in Inc magazine, Forbes, CBS MoneyWatch, NBC, CBS News, The LA Times, The Boston Globe, The Miami
Herald, and the #1 Morning radio show in New York City.

Seth is the founder of one of the fastest growing direct response marketing firms in the country,, that will make new customers appear for your business like magic.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • How Seth began his career in marketing, and how his first steps to success involved stopping cold-calling
  • How Seth defines marketing, and what he does that differs from traditional marketing taught in college
  • Seth's advice for real estate professionals looking to market their services more effectively
  • What best practices and strategies Seth suggests for lead generation to target potential sellers
  • How to have your existing marketing critiqued by Seth and his team of professionals, or to look into working with Seth
  • Why it's crucial to find experienced mentors who specialize in the areas you want to learn
  • What challenges and lessons Seth learned when the rug was pulled out from under a lucrative contract Seth thought he'd obtained
  • What three things Seth does every day to grow himself and to find the right mindset for success
  • Seth's recommended reading list of business and personal growth books
  • What advice present-day Seth would give his younger self for scaling his business faster and avoiding roadblocks


Seth Greene’s Recommended Reading List: