Achieving Success One Step At A Time

Achieving Success One Step At A Time

Episode 11:

Originally From Cuba, Sergio Ortega came to the United States in 1980 and has a background in nursing. He is currently a business owner and works together with physicians and pharmacies to help patients with long term treatments for antibiotics. He also holds a real estate license in Florida. Sergio started wholesaling real estate several years ago and now primarily buys creatively with very little to no money down and resells properties he either owns or controls to tenant buyers for a profit.

What you will learn:

  • How Sergio made the transition from nursing into his real estate business
  • The right way to find the best mentor for you
  • Where to get a free webinar that can lead to a JV partnership
  • The benefit of systems that can help you run your business
  • How to set goals to achieve your dreams
  • What Sergio’s experience can teach you to avoid common mistakes
  • Why you need to focus on one business and grow incrementally
  • What you can do to build rapport with potential sellers
  • The benefit of having a mentor who can support your business

Ways to contact Sergio: