Effortless Real Estate Investing, with Sean Tagge

Effortless Real Estate Investing, with Sean Tagge

Episode 155:

Sean Tagge’s background is in Biomedical Engineering. He worked at the University of Utah Hospital doing research on artificial hearts and quickly realized that he doesn’t like working for someone else (or have someone controlling his time, pay, and future). Sean discovered Real Estate Investing a few months later and the amazing world of Real Estate. Ever since he has been passionate about REI, and he thinks about it every spare moment he has. Sean did a couple of flips and buy-and-holds in 2016.

On February 1st, 2017, he quit his job as an Engineer and partnered up with Memphis Investment Properties to act as their co-partner and Chief Operating Officer. There, he manages the day to day operations of acquiring, fixing and selling Turnkey properties. He uses his engineering skills to organize and streamline the day-to-day systems and processes of the business. Over the past three years, they have done roughly 250 flips a year in Memphis TN.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Sean left biomedical engineering to get out of the corporate world and to go to work for himself
  • How Sean and his team help clients who are short on time get started investing in real estate through Turnkey properties
  • What kinds of investors work well with Sean and his team, and how Sean's team does all the hard renovation work for these investors
  • How Sean and his team spend around 90 days on renovation and then another 30-45 days for closing, and how they do as many as 250 deals a year
  • How Sean has structured his team to manage the high volume of properties they work on, and how the process works from start to finish
  • Why Sean and his team are focused on becoming dominant in the Memphis market rather than expanding to other areas
  • Why Sean's strategy is prepared to weather tough economic times through refinancing and then holding properties until the market recovers
  • What daily routines and habits Sean keeps to help him stay in the right mindset and succeed every day
  • How Sean's background in biomedical engineering gives him the unique ability to analyze, pull apart and iterate on systems others are using


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