Multigenerational Real Estate, with Scott Choppin

Multigenerational Real Estate, with Scott Choppin

Episode 309:

Scott Choppin is the CEO and Founder of the Urban Pacific Group, a Long Beach, California-based real estate development company founded in 2000. His company focuses exclusively on workforce rental housing communities throughout California, and in the western United States. With over 35 years in the development business, Scott's a leader in the field and is a regular contributor to major media outlets throughout the nation. Scott and his wife Becky have been happily married and together for 27 years and raising the three kids in Long Beach, California.
What you will learn in this episode:

  • What are workforce rental housing communities that Scott develops
  • How multigenerational households benefit from urban town assets, and why it’s worth investing in multigenerational real estate
  • Why do more people not get involved in real estate, even though the industry has been around forever
  • What do real estate developers do during a development project
  • How Scott recommends that someone gets started in real estate development with no money
  • Scott defines what’s stopping most investors from jumping in instead of waiting on the sidelines




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