Lessons for Leaders, with Ryan Hawk

Lessons for Leaders, with Ryan Hawk

Episode 359:

Ryan Hawk is the host of The Learning Leader Show. He has recorded more than 475 episodes over the past 7 years. Forbes called his show “the most dynamic leadership podcast around.” Inc Magazine said, “it’s one of the 5 podcasts to make you a smarter leader,” and Apple named it an “all-time best seller” in 2020 and 2021.


Ryan is also the author of Welcome to Management: How To Grow From Top Performer To Excellent Leader. Book Authority named it to its 100 Best Management Audiobooks of all time (#25). Forbes called it “the best leadership book of 2020.” Ryan’s second book is called The Pursuit of Excellence: The Uncommon Behaviors of The World’s Most Productive Achievers. It sold through its first printing in eight hours and shot to the top of the Amazon rankings.


Previously, Ryan worked in corporate America for 12 years. He started as an entry-level telephonic sales rep and worked his way to manager, director, and ultimately VP of sales for a multi-billion-dollar company.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • We’ll discuss Ryan’s book, Welcome To Management – How To Grow From Top Performer To Excellent Leader, and what events inspired him to write it
  • Ryan’s lessons learned and some of the challenges he overcame when becoming an entrepreneur
  • What inspired Ryan to start his podcast, The Learning Leader Show, and how it led him into entrepreneurship
  • Key insights Ryan has gained from the guests on his show
  • The importance of adding value to people’s lives
  • How Ryan crafts his keynotes speeches, develops his ideas, and what he most enjoys sharing with others
  • How mindset impacts the speed of your success
  • Ryan also quizzes Chris on how to get started in real estate




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