Breaking into Real Estate, with Ryan Enk

Breaking into Real Estate, with Ryan Enk

Episode 109:

After college, Ryan got a job teaching, got married, had a baby, and then became an evacuee of Hurricane Katrina when it hit New Orleans. Losing the security of a set job and 401k, he had relied on traditional ways of making money. Ryan went on job interviews for over a year until he landed a job as a copier salesman. Experiencing the misery of corporate America, he decided that he needed to do what he would do if money didn't matter. Ryan used real estate investing as a vehicle to give him the passive income he needed to quit his job. In his free time, he opened up an indoor sports arena. Now Ryan mentors others on how to achieve financial freedom and do what they love using real estate.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Ryan Enk’s lucrative journey of self-discovery in the fateful leap from teaching and B2B sales to real estate investment.
  • How to overcome adversity and financial instability with persistence and a plan.
  • The art of mentorship and its benefits in both business and personal settings.
  • Successful strategies for breaking into the world of real estate investment in 2019.
  • How to identify and break down the biggest obstacles in starting your real estate endeavors.
  • Rituals and mental conditioning as a means to success.
  • Ryan’s proven, a time-tested system in book form: The 7 Day Real Estate Survival Blueprint: How to Create $10,000 Out of Nothing in Less Than a Month

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