From BMX Racer to Expert Investor and Entrepreneur, with Ross Hamilton

From BMX Racer to Expert Investor and Entrepreneur, with Ross Hamilton

Episode 151:

Ross Hamilton started investing in real estate in 2001 at 19 years of age and has personally owned or been a partner in hundreds of real estate investments around the US. Using the profits earned from his real estate investing business in his early 20s Ross founded The Connected Investors platform has grown into a real estate investment marketplace & the premier social network of over half a million real estate investors.

In 2016 Ross and his team consolidated the hard and private money lending space when they opened the doors to CiX is the first company to build a private money marketplace that allows real estate investors to easily get loan offers from multiple private money lenders by simply tapping a few buttons. CiX facilitates over $3B in fix and flip and buy and hold funding requests each month. Ross was nominated by Entrepreneur magazine as Emerging entrepreneur of 2011, serves on the Forbes Real Estate Council and is a professionally published author. Ross and his team are always looking for strategic relationships within the industry. Visit to connect with Ross and his team.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Ross started in real estate by completing his first deal at 19 years old after breaking his leg BMX racing before going on to found Connected Investors
  • How Ross's first deal was a subject-to and then sold the property under a lease option, and how he managed to build a profile of 50 rentals by age 24
  • How Ross used a “fake business partner” named Dr. Elliot as a way to buy himself time to research when completing complex deals
  • Why Ross started the Connected Investors community, and how he has grown the group to almost a million members
  • How a chance encounter with the CEO of LendingTree while training for an Iron Man competition led to the creation of as a real estate lending solution
  • Why Ross believes it is important to learn to overcome challenges and navigate complexity when working as a real estate investor
  • What plans Ross has for the Connected Investors community and turning it into a real estate investor ecosystem and platform of software tools
  • What three key daily activities and rituals Ross practices that help him stay focused and achieve his goals
  • How mentors have been an important part of Ross's success all the way back to his early days of BMX racing


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